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Job Summary

We are inviting you to share your knowledge with others through an online lecturing position at AWARDS TRAINING.

  • Qualification Level: Diploma or Degree or Masters or Ph.D
  • Experience Level: Entry level
  • Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

  1. To prepare schemes of work and lesson plans for online lecturing
  2. To lecture students on self selected courses using online tutorial aids such as Videos, Pdfs, Chats.
  3. To administer CATS, Quizzes and assignments online
  4. To administer exams online


  1. Be a diploma holder for you to qualify to lecture certificate students in your area of study
  2. Be a degree holder for you to qualify to lecture certificate and diploma students in your area of study
  3. Be a Masters holder for you to qualify to lecture certificate, diploma and degree students in your area of study
  4. Be a Ph.D holder for you to qualify to lecture certificate, diploma, degree, Masters and Ph.D students in your area of study

Extra Requirements

  1. Have a Certified Online Trainer (COT) qualification from AWARDS TRAINING.


Payment terms will be negotiated with management at the time of formal appointment which will be determined by vacancy availability and qualification as certified online learner (COL) and Tutor (COT).

Application Instructions

  1. By filling in the above form and clicking on submit button, we shall receive your details and we shall automatically send you a provisional appointment letter as a faculty member and a provisional admission letter (student) to pursue the Certified Online Trainer course, irrespective of whether the KES 1,000 certification payment was paid by you or not.
  2. An additional but free mandatory short course called Certified Online learner will also be added to you.
  3. The first step is to pursue the free but very short mandatory course called Certified online learner (COL).
  4. Should you complete the free mandatory COL course, you will be eligible to undertake the Certified Online Trainer (COT) course if you complete the certification payment of KES 1,000 pending in your dashboard.
  5. Once you complete the COL and COT course, online lectures may be allocated to you depending on vacancy availability or acceptable content you provide and teach
  6. Failure to complete the COL and COT within 1 months from date of application will imply that the opportunity has been forfeited.

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