About Us

Awards Training Limited is a company that deals with training, recruitment and business incubation. We are a training institution that aims to turn rough diamonds into polished gems. We pride ourselves in training of internationally recognized courses in business, entrepreneurship and digital skills.

We assist job seekers and our trainees with placement services both locally and internationally as well as support students seeking learning opportunities in universities across the globe.

We also have premier office spaces where entrepreneurs can start and run their businesses with very competitive daily and monthly packages.

Our Mantra

Learn Know Grow

Our Tagline

Training for impact

Our Vision

To be the most respected training and recruitment institution reputed for offering cutting edge training that is relevant, innovative and practical.


To help people realize their true potential through experiential learning, research and application of knowledge.

Our Core Values


We are real, practical and original


We are honest and true to ourselves and our community

Hard work

We believe that the end product is a result of our input. We give all it takes to get the best out of everyone


We do our work diligently without coercion


We believe in supporting each other for the greater good


We believe respect is reciprocal. We respect as we expect to be respected as individuals, our views and our diversity

What we do

We train

We mentor

We connect people to opportunities


We are committed to preparing and connecting professionals in skilled and trade occupations to great opportunities worldwide.

We pride ourselves in offering first-class and internationally recognized business, entrepreneurship and digital-skills courses to develop competent professionals who can meet the skill needs of the world.

We connect students with a thirst for knowledge with learning opportunities and scholarships to world class universities.